Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tuesday is Individual Student Portrait Day - Oct 18th

Parents, before your children leave for school on photo day, please remember to look them over and help them look their best. Faces that are clean and clothes that are stain-free will make for great photos!
Can't decide what to dress them in? Simple is always a great choice - dress them in a collared shirt or sweater that fits well, and that also complements their eyes and hair colour.
A dress or a neat tee-shirt will work well too. It's best to choose an outfit that complements, and does not distract from your child's face.
  • Neat, well-groomed hair always looks best
  • Bright, solid colours photograph nicely, and long-sleeves are preferred
  • If you're planning a hair or bang cut for your photos, it's best to schedule it at least a week before your photo day
  • Headbands work well for bangs that are growing out
  • Bright, solid colours always look great
  • If your child comes to the camera in a hat or baseball cap we'll generally photograph both with and without the hat. Unfortunately, after wearing the hat for even a short while before photo time, "hathead" may result. Hathead can be avoided if you ask your child to keep his cap or hat off until after his first photos are taken.