Sunday, 31 May 2015

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Family Pass Winners to Maker Faire

Congratulations to our Dr. A.R. Lord winners for family passes to next week's Mini Maker Faire at the PNE Forum Grounds.  This is a great event to see creation, making, learning, in action!

  • Div 5-6:  Ameila W.
  • Div 3-4: Coen S.
  • Div 1-2: Alyana M.
Tickets courtesy of the Vancouver Maker Foundation and Dr. A.R. Lord Parent Advisory Council.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Principal's Newsletter and 2015-16 School Calendar

See Link for latest A.R. Lord Principal's Newsletter
May 27th Principal's Newsletter

The school calendar including school days in session, professional days and school breaks (winter, spring break etc) is now available for the year ahead: 2015-16 School Calendar

Grade 4 and 5 Track and Field Meet

Dr. A.R. Lord Student Long Jump
Relay Handoff - Go Lord Lions!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Radishes and Rhubarb in the A.R. Lord Learning Garden

Students recently harvested radishes and rhubarb in the school community learning garden at A.R. Lord School.  Division 3 also learned to make delicious homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Jam.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


  • May 29th - Welcome to K - new Kindergarten children who will be starting at A.R. Lord Elementary in September 2015 are invited to visit the school from 10:45-12:00 in the school library
  • June 5th 8:30-9:30am - Dr. A.R. Lord School staff and teachers would like to invite all parent/family volunteers to a Friday morning appreciation Tea.  Bring the kids early at 8:30am and they will have supervised play prior to school, while you come for a cup of tea! PLEASE RSVP to the school by May 29th (yellow form) 
  • June 18th Student Book Exchange event
  • June 19th Friday - Year end celebration extravaganza!  We will be celebrating the new outdoor classroom, a garden harvest event, and the community book share box, with a complimentary BBQ for all students and families.  
  • June 23rd Graduation ceremony for Grade 7
  • Thursday June 26th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Learning and Discovery - the Maker Movement!

What is the Maker Movement you ask? It is a revolution of technology, creation and sharing. It is a perfect mix of education, curiosity, innovation and the satisfaction of being able to make something with your own mind and hands!  What an exciting opportunity for students and a step away from prefab toys and large scale commercially produced goods. "Making" can be a mix of technology or old fashioned materials and provides iterative learning. Some ideas for making: stop motion animation videos, crafts and textiles, a new toy from recycled materials, 3-D printing, cardboard print crafts, jewelry making and so much more.

Three Dr. A.R. Lord Families will win family passes to the upcoming Vancouver Mini Maker Faire that is being held at the PNE Forum on June 6 and 7.  Tickets are courtesy of the Vancouver Maker Foundation and the Parent Advisory Council. All students will be placed in a free random draw and winners will be announced over the next 2 weeks! The Maker Fair will have a lego lounge, maker creations and our very own Templeton Secondary STEM Program will be showcasing their work. They'll also have presentations and workshops including one on Maker after-school programs and curriculum proposals, and who can resist a Minecraft in education!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Division 1 Music Education Class with Mr. O

 According to the BC Ministry of Education: "Music education enables all learners to explore, create, perceive, and communicate thoughts, images, and feelings through music. Because musical experiences play a significant role in students’ lifelong development, shared experiences through music education contribute to the development of a healthier society and a culturally literate citizenry that respects and reflects the diversity of human relationships.
Music education enables students to interact with sound — simultaneously engaging mind, body, and spirit — through creating, performing, listening to, and responding to music. Music offers one of the most effective ways of connecting thinking and feeling and provides a way of learning that effectively integrates the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains."

Friday, 22 May 2015

Ride Your Bike to School! Bike to School Week May 25-29

Kids, Parents, Teachers.....Get out your bicycles next week and bike to school!  It is a great way to stay active and use alternate modes of transportation.
  Remember to wear your helmet and stay safe.  It's the law!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

School Recycling Program at A.R. Lord Elementary

Sorting waste and recycling are a way of life for this generation of young people and this even extends to the school. A comprehensive recycling program  has been implemented at A.R. Lord and goes beyond the basic. Teachers, students and custodial staff all pitch in to ensure that landfill waste is minimized and the maximum of materials are recycled.
The current  waste segregation program includes:
*Paper and Cardboard
*Hard Plastics
*Soft Plastics
*Returnable Bottles and Cans for Deposit

*Food Scrap Limited Compost for the school learning garden
*Landfill Garbage  - Non recyclables

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

May PAC Meeting Minutes

Please see Link to May PAC Meeting Minutes: May 7 PAC Minutes Google Docs

The new Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary Parent Advisory Council Executive:
Chair - Vacant
Secretary:  Stephanie Clearihue
Treasurer:  Kimberly Richmond
Communications:  Joyce Chow
Member-at-Large:  Linda D.
Member-at-Large:  Sarah McKinnon
Member-at-Large: Tracy Spring

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Discovering in the School Learning Garden

Students have been tending to the school gardens during recent sunny spring days.  They have the opportunity to smell, touch and taste some of the vegetables and herbs that are flourishing.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Show and Tell isn't just for kids: Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2015

Dr. A.R. Lord has received the generous support of the Vancouver Maker Foundation and received some family passes to the upcoming Mini Maker Faire to be held on June 6 and 7 at the neighbouring PNE Forum.
This event is a fabulous showcase of creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker movement.  Crafters, Inventors, Tinkerers, Creators, Builders, and Engineers.. Oh My!                                                 The Parent Advisory Council will be offering these family passes as free draw prizes to A.R. Lord Students and their families to attend this educational, inspiring and family fun event.   Such a great way to spark the imagination and creativity of young minds!