Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cross Country

Students participating in Cross Country learn great sportmanship and have lots of fun!

Date: Tuesdays @ 12:30pm and Thursdays @ 8:30am
Location: At school

Date: Wednesday, September 29th, October 6th, October 13th
Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Location: Clinton Park at 1st Avenue at Slocan Street

Final Meet
Grades 1-3 run 1000 m.
Grades 4-6 run 1500m.
Grade 7- 1900m.
Date: Thursday, October 21st
Time: 12:30pm to 3:00pm

**Please note, if you want to come and cheer on our runners please check with Ms. O'neill about updated times and locations.**

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

PAC Meeting Minutes 09-21-2010

View or download the PAC Meeting Minutes from September 21st, 2010.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the PAC Executive for clarification or copies.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Fruit & Vegetable Program

Next week the students will receive their second delivery from the BC School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program.


  • Grown on a vine, botanically, a tomato is the ovary and seeds of a flowering plant. It is, in fact, a fruit.
  • There are around 7,500 tomato varieties grown for various purposes.
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, which has been shown to improve the skin's ability to protect against harmful UV rays.

  • For further information, fascinating facts and interesting history on these delicious fruits please read the PDF document on TOMATOES.

    Students will receive their tomatoes during class time. This snack is not meant to replace the foods students normally eat at school. Students can make their own decisions on whether to taste the vegetables offered.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PAC at or contact the school administration at 604-713-4620.

    Thursday, 23 September 2010

    Kindergarten Begins Full Day

    To all families of new Kindergarten students,


    is the first FULL day of school. Kindergarten students will be expected at school from 9:00am to 3:01pm.

    Please remember to dress your children appropriately for the weather, and ensure they have a healthy snack and lunch each day.

    No School

    A reminder to all families that this coming


    is a day off from school for all students. There will be no regular classes or after-school activities.

    If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the PAC at, or phone the school office at 604-713-4620 during school hours.


    What a fantastic afternoon! It was great to see so many students and their families come out to get to know each other and our wonderful staff.

    Delicious farm-fresh corn, tasty burgers and sausages, lots of families and staff, plus a whole bunch of sunshine made A.R. Lord's annual Welcome Back Corn Roast a success!!

    During the roast the grade 7's worked hard fundraising for their graduating class with a great 50/50 draw. Congratulations to Tracy S. for winning the draw! Tracy generously chose to donate the funds back to the grade 7 class.

    Of course lots and lots of hard work went into organizing and running this event and we want to send out thanks to everyone who pitched in to help. To Sean R. for driving out to the valley to pick up the hundreds of corn, to the Real Parents group for shucking and handing out the corn, to all the parents and staff who helped on the hot grills, organizing and handing out food, selling tickets and all the clean up.

    A very special thank you to our PAC Chair, Kathy M, for doing so much of the heavy preparations and running of this event - great job!!!

    We'd also like to thank Columbus Meat Market for donating all the tasty beef burgers, chicken burgers, and sausages. We're such a lucky school!

    Wednesday, 22 September 2010

    Class Parents

    The A.R. Lord PAC has developed a CLASS PARENT list. These are volunteer parents willing to help ensure that families receive notices and handouts, in the collection of fundraising items or funds, in communicating about PAC events and for fundraising support.

    2010-2011 Class Parents
    Grade K/1 (Ms. Young) - Linda D
    Grade K/1 (Ms. Anderson) - Ali R
    Grade 2/3 (Ms. Watson & Ms. Burke) - Shannon H
    Grade 3/4 (Ms. Bains) - Kelly R
    Grade 4/5 (Ms. Burke & Ms. O’Neill ) - Sherri R
    Grade 5/6 (Ms. Haraga & Ms. Lau) - Cindy & Brian B
    Grade 6/7 (Mr. Campbell & Ms. Wong) - Shannon H

    If you have any questions or ideas regarding the PAC, please contact your grade's Class Parent for more information.

    Monday, 20 September 2010

    PAC Meeting Reminder

    Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    Location: School Library

    Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting.
    Child minding will be available.

    Welcome returning and new parents! This first PAC meeting will focus on reviewing PAC bylaws, electing class parents, fundraising events and schedules, and discussion of the upcoming Corn Roast. We're excited to start the new school year and hope to see lots of parents at the meeting!

    Role of the Class Parent: To facilitate communications between staff, the members of the Parent Advisory Council and parents, caregivers and guardians of students. The PAC would like at least 1 class parent for each division.

    We encourage all parents/guardians to participate in creating a thriving school community by volunteering in any capacity for school programs, events and fundraisers.

    For further information please contact the PAC Executive at or with a letter through the school's Main Office.

    Wednesday, 8 September 2010

    The School Year Begins

    Welcome Everyone!

    It's great to see all our returning students and families, and a warm hello and welcome to the new students and families starting at Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary School this fall.

    We hope everyone had an enjoyable, sunny, relaxing summer!

    As you may know, there are lots of changes for the 2010-2011 school year at Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary and the VSB. If there are any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact any PAC member via or through a note in the PAC mailbox in the school administration office.

    9:00am School Starts
    10:30-10:45am Recess (outside)
    12:15-1:00pm Lunch
    3:01pm School Ends

    Div 1 - Grade 6/7, Ms. Wong & Mr. Campbell
    Div 2 - Grade 5/6, Ms. Lau & Ms. Haraga
    Div 3 - Grade 4/5, Ms. Burke & Ms. O'Neill
    Div 4 - Grade 3/4, Ms. Bains & Teacher (to be announced)
    Div 5 - Grade 2/3, Ms. Watson & Teachers (to be announced)
    Div 6 - Grade K/1, Ms. Andersen
    Div 7 - Grade K/1, Ms. Young
    Music & Movement - Ms. Young-Eng
    Resource Team - Ms. Poletti, Ms. Haraga, Ms. O'Neill
    Library - Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Gray
    Support Staff - Christian Stobbe, Sabrina Mazzega, Rhonda Ralar, Dana Swan
    Supervision Aides - Bice Ciolfottl, Maria Mucci, Debbie Dalla Valle

    Thursday, September 16 - REAL Parents meeting (library)
    Monday, September 20 @ 10:45am - Welcome Assembly for all staff & students (gym, parents & caregivers welcome)
    Tuesday, September 21 @ 6:30pm - PAC meeting (library)
    Wednesday, September 22 @ 4:00pm - Meet the teachers & PAC Welcome Back Corn Roast (students, parents & caregivers welcome)
    Monday, September 27 - Professional Day (no school for students)
    Thursday, September 30 - Terry Fox Run (all students & staff)

    Nutella chocolate spread is NOT allowed at Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary School, and we ask that all families please respect the safety of our students.

    Our school is now part of the BC Fruit & Vegetable Program. Fresh, local fruits and vegetables are available to students as a learning and nutritional opportunity at no cost. Thanks to our parent volunteer, Tracy, for coordinating this fantastic program!

    Families are asked to ALWAYS inform school staff, in writing, if a student is planning to leave school grounds for lunch times, appointments or other reasons. Thank you for helping the school keep track of all students during school hours - student safety is their number one priority.

    We hope everyone has a great first full week of school!
    AR Lord PAC.