Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Kanaka Creek Field Trip

Divisions 4 & 7 recently went on a field trip to Bell-Irving Fish Hatchery, located in the Kanaka Creek Regional Park in Maple Ridge.  
They were lead by educator Ross and learn about the optimal conditions for fish habitat in the water.  The students conducted field testing experiments and measured the temperature and pH of the water.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

BC Ministry of Education New School Curriculum

Do you know that the same school curriculum has been in place since the 1990s? A newly curriculum has recently been developed by the Ministry of Education and the BC Teachers' Federation and is being rolled out and will be fully implemented in September 2016 for K-Grade 9. 

Principal Ms. Car and a few A.R. Lord parents recently attended a presentation held at Templeton High School.  Educators introduced the concepts of this new curriculum, demonstrated website resources and answered questions. 

This new educational curriculum has been developed to respond to the demanding world our students are entering.  Transformation in curriculum will help teachers create learning environments that are both engaging and personalized for students. At the heart of British Columbia’s redesigned curriculum are core competencies, essential learning and literacy and numeracy foundations. It provides an opportunity for more exploration and inquiry-based learning. 

A Ministry of Education statement says 100 teachers worked together for three years to create the flexible learning curriculum to help students understand core subjects through projects related to their interests, such as music, hockey or dinosaurs. The curriculum also offers aboriginal perspectives at all grade levels, an examination of the residential school system, new content on the history of East and South Asian immigrants and a renewed emphasis on environmental sciences.  
To find out more: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Message from Ms. McMaster

Hello Students, Families, Staff, Friends at Dr. A.R. Lord,
I've got some news to share that is both exciting and sad. My family and I are going to be moving to Nelson, BC this summer! We have an opportunity to make a dream of ours come true and live in the Kootenays! We'll be able to give our little boy, Martin, space to run around the yard in a home of our own. Sadly, I can't be in two places at the same time, so I've had to give up my teaching position at Lord.
The short time that I was honoured to spend with you, teach you, talk with you, and have fun in the library will always be some of my happiest school memories! I can only hope that there will be as friendly and welcoming a group of students and families in Nelson schools and that I can somehow find a fit as good as at Lord.
I'll miss you all and hope to stay in touch. Remember to be good to each other and to your books, have fun in the library and let your imaginations soar with the stories you find on the pages and in your awesome brains!
Miss Macmaster
aka Alison

Come say goodbye to Ms. McMaster Friday May 27th at 11:00pm at the Library Celebration Assembly.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Teddy Anderson - Hoop Dancer Performance

A.R. Lord students were treated to a performance demonstration and hands on workshop on May 18th. Students were amazed by the energetic dance and Teddy Anderson talked about First Nations tradition, multiculturalism and respect.

From Teddy Anderson's Website: http://teddyanderson.com/

"The Hoop Dance is a First Nation’s cultural art form. It is a unique, energetic and colourful dance. Many First Nation’s cultures have different styles and customs around the hoop dance. Hundreds of years ago, the traditional healers of various tribes used the hoop dance as a way to pray, meditate and become stronger in spirit. These healers, using a single hoop, would perform the dance to help facilitate spiritual healing. More recently, hoop dancers have begun to use higher and higher numbers of hoops, adding a complexity to the ritual that demands much more of performers. Teddy performance uses as many as 30 hoops at a time.
Today, each hoop dancer develops, builds and grows their unique performance as a reflection of their equally unique life story. Dancers have been known to use their performance to address issues relevant to both themselves and their community. Performances run the gamut from frank representations of substance abuse to celebrations of the sacredness of the dance. Teddy Anderson, believing strongly in the unity of all people, uses his hoop dance to speak of this in a poignant and touching way that frequently moves his audiences to warm compassion and a shared vision.
Teddy’s hoop dance is a reflection of his belief in medicine wheel. The medicine wheel is compromised of 4 colours; black, white, red and yellow. To some, the four colours represent the four directions, four elements and/or four peoples of the world. In Teddy’s performance Teddy uses the fours colours of hoops to bring the four directions, four elements and four people into harmony. The Hoop Dance is deeply spiritual and a real pleasure to watch."

Monday, 23 May 2016

Book Exchange - Book Collection

Dr. A. R. Lord staff and PAC would like to present another book exchange!
We would like to invite students to bring in any old books (good condition) they have outgrown and appropriate for children in Kindergarten to Grade 7. Collection boxes will be available outside of each classroom each morning from May 25th to June 8th where students can drop off their books before the start of the school day. The book exchange will be held at a later date (to be determined) before the end of the school year and each child will be able to select two books to take home for the summer. 
A great way to recycle by reusing!

Friday, 20 May 2016

A.R. Lord Teachers and Outdoor Learning

"Learning takes place anywhere, not just in classrooms. Many teachers and schools create learning environments that explore the use of time and space in creative ways." 

Learn about the new BC School Curriculum: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Library Celebration Assembly - All are Welcome - Friday May 27th

An assembly to celebrate the luck and dedication that have surrounded the A.R. Lord Elementary library this year is scheduled for next week! We'd love to honour all the support that the PAC, and parents in general, have provided for us. A number of you have been involved in various ways, from donations to the Book Fair, and we'd really like to show you our appreciation formally! If I know your name (Kelly, Kimberly, Gavi, Linda, Shannon, Lisa...), that means you've been in here plenty, and should be appreciated ;) If I don't, please don't be offended, and know that we appreciate every little bit of help we've received this year! Everyone is welcome to attend and be appreciated.

Please consider attending our Library Celebration Assembly at 11am on Friday, May 27th.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sports Day Thursday May 19

Thursday is Sports Day for all students at A.R. Lord Elementary. Don't forget to send your child in their designated team colour.  After the 9:00am bell kids will head straight to sports day to compete in fun participation activities.
A recess snack and pizza/fruit lunch will be provided compliments of the Parent Advisory Council for all students and teachers.
A concession will also be offered during the day and will include coffee, juice, baked goods, snacks and extra pizza to purchase for parents, volunteers etc.
Parents/Caregivers and siblings, come and cheer for our students, lend a hand and have some fun!  (if you can still volunteer: email: arlordpac@gmail.com)

Sports day will end at 1:00pm and children can be picked up early or at the regular 3:00pm.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Friday, 13 May 2016

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Signup to Volunteer on Sports day

May 19th Thursday is A.R. Lord Sports Day! Lend a hand to make the day a fun filled day for all! Signup for one or more spots (and still have some time to watch and enjoy!) on our online volunteer signup.  You don't need to setup an account, just enter your email to register for a spot and you will get an email reminder:

Volunteer Bakers:  If you can donate a dozen or two NUT Free baked goods to sell at the concession signup here: volunteer baker for concession

Activity Volunteers:  If you can help for ~ an hour (morning or mid day) with coffee pickup, setup, concession/cash, serving lunch or cleanup, sign up here:
Sports Day Volunteer (setup, concession, lunch, cleanup)

Monday, 9 May 2016

PAC Meeting Tuesday May 10th

Parents and Caregivers of A.R. Lord Elementary, please join us on Tuesday May 10th for the PAC meeting and AGM Elections for the new PAC Executive: 6:00-6:30pm in the library

A free presentation session will follow:  BC Teacher's Federation Session:  Social Media 4 Parents. Facilitated by Parent/Teacher Sara Martin. Learn about how to protect your children in a social media environment.

Kids in Action

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Ultimate Frisbee

Dr. AR Lord students are invited to attend Vancouver Riptide home games at a discounted price! http://vancouverriptide.com/2016-schedule/

As part of our Schools Outreach Program your students are eligible for 25% off by applying the promo code VRSOP2016 when purchasing any tickets online

We have another professional ultimate team in Vancouver (different league) that plays at Thunderbird at UBC - where our very own team has the opportunity to play at half time! Check them out as well... http://vancouver.nighthawks.mlultimate.com/

Both teams have contributed to our school's ultimate team, and we are so grateful to them!

Garden Activities

Each class at A.R. Lord Elementary visited the school learning garden on Thursday of Earth Week to plant some potatoes and to see what else is growing this spring. Students tasted the leaves and flowers of kale, swiss chard, and arugula, among other things.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Earth Day Activities

A.R. Lord Elementary recently celebrated Earth Day with an after school celebration for students, staff, family and friends.  Activities included arts and crafts, making seed balls, planting seeds, and eating yummy snacks.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ultimate Frisbee Skills Clinic and School Team

Ultimate Frisbee permission forms were sent home to all students in Divisions 1, 2, and 3 last week. If interested in playing on a casual school teams, the students need to have their permission forms back by Tuesday May 3. Whether interested in a team or not, all of the students in these divisions will be coached by a Vancouver Riptide player at school on Tuesday May 3. This will be a basic skills clinic, and will hopefully get some more kids hooked on the sport! The next day, we will have a team meeting at recess to solidify details (casual practice dates, setting up another Pro-led clinic, discount Pro games to go watch, our first exhibition game...!). If you have any questions, comments, or need another form because the first was attacked by a leaky water bottle, please don't hesitate to visit the library or email Ms. M at kmccandless@vsb.bc.ca!