Friday, 23 September 2016

Puzzle of the Week!

eg. 3X3 Easy - Use numbers 1,2,3
Math and Literacy Puzzles will be posted  in the downstairs hallway and are a fun challenge for all students. Encourage your child to grab a form and give it a try as there are different level puzzles for different grade levels. (Parents - no helping with the answers!)
The current contest  is a Ken Ken math puzzle and runs until September 30th! 

Ken Ken Rules:
1. The numbers you use in the puzzle depend on the size of the grid.
2. You may not repeat numbers in any row or column.
3. The darkly-outlined groups of squares have a number and a math operation (add, subtract, multiply or divide) in them.  The numbers in the group must combine to give the target number by using the math operation given.