Saturday, 8 April 2017

Kindergarten Self Portraits

"Self portraits encourage children to slow down, observe, focus on detail and notice what they see when they look at themselves. It provides an opportunity for them to notice what is unique and special about themselves and others. It encourages risk taking and builds confidence. 

The children in division 7 spent time looking at themselves with mirrors and creating self-portraits with clay, pastels, paint, pen and paper, and loose materials. Each time, they were encouraged to look closely and see the parts that make up their face. The details in their self-portraits tell us how they see themselves and what they chose to emphasize in their drawings of themselves. 

Throughout the process, the children became more ware of themselves and others. The class also read the book "The Best Part of me" by Wendy Ewald. 

Using a variety of materials to build the self-portraits gave the children the opportunity to represent themselves in different ways. It provided them an opportunity to learn new skills and to learn more about the uniqueness of each material. Making self-portraits has helped he children to take a closer look at themselves and to think about how they are special, unique and beautiful. "

~ Ms. Linda Young - Kindergarten Teacher - Division 7